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2024 Articles

Ogren, A. C., Feng, B. T., Bouman, K. L., and Daraio, C. "Gaussian process regression as a surrogate model for the computation of dispersion relations", Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 420 (2024): 116661. (PDF)
Zhou, T., Wan, X., Huang, D. Z., Li, Z., Peng, Z., Anandkumar, A., John F. B., Paul W. S., and Daraio, C. "AI-aided geometric design of anti-infection catheters", Science Advances, 10.1 (2024): eadj1741 (PDF)

2023 Articles

Magrini, T., Fox, C., Wihardja, A., Kolli, A., and Daraio, C. "Control of Mechanical and Fracture Properties in Two‐Phase Materials Reinforced by Continuous, Irregular Networks", Advanced Materials, 2305198 (2023) (PDF)
Boddapati, J., Flaschel, M., Kumar, S., De Lorenzis, L., and Daraio, C. "Single-test evaluation of directional elastic properties of anisotropic structured materials", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 181 (2023) 105471 (PDF)
Celli, P., Nunzi, I., Calabrese, A., Lenci, S., and Daraio, C., "Sparse Metapiles for Shear Wave Attenuation in Half-Spaces", Jornal of Vibration and Acoustics, 145(5): 051003 (2023) (PDF)
Wang, L., Kim, T.H., Costanza, V., Higdon, N.J., and Daraio, C., "Ion transport in thermally responsive pectin film", Applied Physics Letters, 123, 021903 (2023) (PDF)
Kim, B.L., Chong, C., Hajarolasvadi, S., Wang, Y. and Daraio, C."Dynamics of time-modulated, nonlinear phononic lattices", Physical Review E, 107(3), 034211 (2023) (PDF)
Kim, T.H., Zhou, Z., Choi, Y.S., Constanza, V., Wang, L., Bahng, J.H., Higdon, N.J., Yun, Y., Kang, H., Kim, S., Daraio, C."Flexible biomimetic block copolymer composite for temperature and long-wave infrared sensing", Science Advances, 9, 6. (2023) (PDF)
Mazzotti, M., Foehr, A., Bilal, O.R., Bergamini, A., Bosia, F., Daraio, C., Pugno, N.M. and Miniaci, M. "Bio-inspired non self-similar hierarchical elastic metamaterials", International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 241, 107915. (2023) (PDF)

2022 Articles

Chen, Z., Ogren, A., Daraio, C., Brinson, L.C. and Rudin, C., "How to see hidden patterns in metamaterials with interpretable machine learning", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 57, (2022) (PDF)
Liu, K., Sun, R. and Daraio, C., "Growth rules for irregular architected materials with programmable properties", Science, 377(6609), 975-981 (2022) (PDF)
Kheybari, M., Daraio, C. and Bilal, O.R., "Tunable auxetic metamaterials for simultaneous attenuation of airborne sound and elastic vibrations in all directions", Applied Physics Letters, 121(8), 081702 (2022) (PDF)
Kim, G., Coimbra, K.M. and Daraio, C., "Mode hybridization in DNA-inspired helical metamaterials with variable centro-asymmetry", Applied Physics Letters, 121(7), 072201 (2022) (PDF)
Schneider, T., Dunbar, O.R., Wu, J., Böttcher, L., Burov, D., Garbuno-Inigo, A., Wagner, G.L., Pei, S., Daraio, C., Ferrari, R. and Shaman, J., "Epidemic management and control through risk-dependent individual contact interventions", PLOS Computational Biology, 18(6), e1010171 (2022) (PDF)
McMahan, C., Akerson, A., Celli, P., Audoly, B. and Daraio, C., "Effective continuum models for the buckling of non-periodic architected sheets that display quasi-mechanism behaviors", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 104934,(2022) (PDF)
Taniker, S., Costanza, V., Celli, P. and Daraio, C., "Capacitive temperature sensing via displacement amplification", IEEE Sensors Journal, 22, 11 (2022) (PDF)
Roumeli, E., Hendrickx, R., Bonanomi, L., Vashisth, A., Rinaldi, K. and Daraio, C. "Biological matrix composites from cultured plant cells", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119, 15 (2022) (PDF)
Wang, L., Boddapati, J., Liu, Zhu, P., Daraio, C., and Chen, W. "Mechanical cloak via data-driven aperiodic metamaterial design", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119, 13 (2022) (PDF)
Palermo, A., Yousefzadeh, B., Daraio, C. and Marzani, A. "Rayleigh wave propagation in nonlinear metasurfaces", Journal of Sound and Vibration, 520, 116599 (2022) (PDF)
Ginsberg, L., McDonald, R., Lin, Q., Hendrickx, R., Spigolon, G., Ravichandran, G., Daraio, C. and Roumeli, E. "Cell wall and cytoskeletal contributions in single cell biomechanics of Nicotiana tabacum", Quantitative Plant Biology, 3 (2022) (PDF)

2021 Articles

Kim, G., Portela, C.M., Celli, P., Palermo, A. and Daraio, C., "Poroelastic microlattices for underwater wave focusing ", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 49, 101499 (2021) (PDF)
Wang, L., Liuchi, L., Hofman, D., Andrade, J., Daraio, C. "Structured Fabrics with Tunable Mechanical Properties", Nature 596, 238-252 (2021) (PDF)
Brighenti, R., McMahan, C.G., Cosma, M.P., Kotikian, A., Lewis, J.A. and Daraio, C., "A micromechanical-based model of stimulus responsive liquid crystal elastomers", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 219, 92-105 (2021) (PDF)
Liu, K., Hacker, F., Daraio, C. "Robotic surfaces with reversible, spatiotemporal control for shape morphing and object manipulation", Science Robotics 6, eabf5116 (2021) (PDF)
Feng, B., Ogren, A.C., Daraio, C., Bouman, K.L. "Visual Vibration Tomography: Estimating Interior Material Properties from Monocular Video", ArXiv :2104.02735 (2021) (PDF)
Bilal, O.R., Yee, C.H., Rys, J., Schumacher, C., and Daraio, C., "Experimental realization of phonon demultiplexing in three-dimensions", Applied Physics Letters, : 118, 091901 (2021) (PDF)
Agnelli, F., Margerita, P., Celli, P., Daraio, C., Constantinescu, A. "Systematic two-scale image analysis of extreme deformations in soft architectured sheets", International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 194, 106205, (2021). (PDF)
Lee, S., Park, J., Cho, H., Wang, Y., Kim, B., Daraio, C., Min, B. "Paremetric oscillation of electromagnetic waves in momentum band gaps of a spatiotemporal crystal",  Photonics Research 9, 142-150, (2021). (PDF)
Chong, C., Wang, Y, Marechal, D., Charalampidis, E.G., Moleron, M., Martinez, A.J., Poreter, M.A., Kevrekidis, P.G., and Daraio, C., "Nonlinear Localized Modes in Two-Dimensional Hexagonally-Packed Magnetic Lattices", New Journal of Physics 2009.10300 (2021) (PDF)
Pajunen, K., Celli, P. and Daraio, C., "Prestrain-induced bandgap tuning in 3D-printed tensegrity-inspired lattice structures ", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 44, 101236 (2021) (PDF)
Yu, K., Feng, Z., Du, H., Xin, A., Lee, K.H., Li, K., Su, Y., Wang, Q., Fang, N.X., and Daraio, C. "Photosynthesis-assisted remodeling of three-dimensional printed structures", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 18, 3, (2021) (PDF)
Alù, A., Daraio, C., Deymier, P.A. and Ruzzene, M. "Topological acoustics", Physics Today, 17(3), 13, (2021) (PDF)

2020 Articles

Roumeli, E., Ginsberg, L., McDonald, R., Spigolon, G., Hendrickx, R., Ohtani, M., Demura, T., Ravichandran, G., and Daraio, C., "Structure and Biomechanics during Xylem Vessel Transdifferentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana", Plants, 9, 1715, (2020) (PDF)
Palermo, A., Celli, P., Yousefzadeh, B., Daraio, C., and Marzani, A. "Surface wave non-reciprocity via time-modulated metamaterials", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 104181,(2020) (PDF)
Celli, P., Lamaro, A., McMahan, C., Bordeenithikasem, P., Hofmann, D.C., Daraio, C. "Compliant morphing structures from twisted bulk metallic glass ribbons", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 145, 104129, (2020) (PDF)
Nassar, H., Yousefzadeh, B., Fleury, R., Ruzzene,M., Alu, A., Daraio, C., Norris A.N., Huang, G., and Haberman, M.R. "Nonreciprocity in acoustic and elastic materials", Nature Reviews Materials, 5, 667-685,(2020) (PDF)
Bilal, O.R., Costanza,V. , Israr, A. , Palermo,A., Celli, P. , Lau, Frances. , and Daraio, C. "A Flexible Spiraling‐Metasurface as a Versatile Haptic Interface", Advanced Materials Technologies, 20200181,(2020) (PDF)
Bilal, O.R., Foehr, A., Daraio, C., "Enhancement of Deep-Subwavelength Band Gaps in Flat Spiral-Based Phononic Metamaterials Using the Trampoline Phenomena", Journal of Applied Mechanics 87(7),071009, 2020 (PDF)
Bauhofer, A., Daraio, C., "Neural networks for trajectory evaluation in direct laser writing", The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 107, 2563–2577,(2020)(Not PDF)
Taniker, S., Celli, P., Pasini, D., Hofmann, D.C., Daraio, C., "Temperature-induced shape morphing of bi-metallic structures", International Journal of Solids and Structures, 190, 22 - 32 (2020) (PDF)
Guseinov, R., McMahan, C., Perez, J., Daraio, C., Bickel, B.,  "Programming temporal morphing of self-actuated shells",Nature Communications, 11, 237, (2020) (PDF)

2019 Articles

Roumeli, E., Bonanomi, L., Hendrickx, R., Rinaldi, K., Daraio, C. "Plant cells-based biological matrix composites", ArXiv :1909.01926 (2019) (PDF)
Injeti, S.S., Daraio, C., and Bhattacharya, K., "Metamaterials with engineered failure load and stiffness", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  116 (48), 23960-23965, (2019) (PDF)
Costanza, V., Bonanomi, L., Moscato, G., Wang, L. Choi, Y.S., Daraio, C. "Effect of glycerol on the mechanical and temperature-sensing properties of pectin films", Applied Physics Letters, 115, 193702, (2019). (PDF)
Kotikian, A., McMahan, C., Davidson, E.C., Muhammad, J.M., Weeks, R.D., Daraio, C., Lewis, J.A. "Untethered soft robotic matter with passive control of shape morphing and propulsion", Science Robotics, 4, eaax7044 2019 (PDF)
Mueller, J., Matlack, K.H., Shea, K., Daraio, C. "Energy Absorption Properties of Periodic and Stochastic 3D Lattice Materials", Advanced Theory and Simulations, 1900081, (2019) (PDF)
Pajunen, K., Johanns, P., Pal, R.K., Rimoli, J.J., Daraio, C. "Design and Impact Response of 3D-Printable Tensegrity-Inspired Structures", Materials and Design, In Press (2019) (PDF)
Fronk, M.D., Tawfick, S., Daraio, C., Li, S., Vakakis, A., Leamy, M.J. "Acoustic Non-Reciprocity in Lattices With Nonlinearity, Internal Hierarchy, and Asymmetry: Computational Study", Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 5, 141 (2019) (PDF)
Chen, Y., Li, X., Nassar, H., Norris, A., Huang, G., Daraio, C.,"Nonreciprocal wave propagation in a continuum-based metamaterial with space-time modulated resonators", Physical Review Applied, 11 (6), (2019) (PDF)
Wang, Y., Ramirez, B., Carpenter, K., Naify, C., Hofmann, D., Daraio, C., "Architected lattices with adaptive energy absorption ", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 33,(2019) (LINK)
Fraternali, F., Rimoli, J., Daraio, C., "Editorial: Multiscale Lattices and Composite Materials: Optimal Design, Modeling and Characterization", Frontiers in Materials, 6,(2019) (PDF)
Chen, T., Bilal, O., Lang, R., Shea, K., Daraio, C., "Autonomous Deployment of a Solar Panel Using an Elastic Origami and Distributed Shape Memory Polymer Actuators", Physical Review Applied, 11(6),(2019) (PDF)
Palermo, A., Wang, Y., Celli, P., Daraio, C. "Tuning of Surface-Acoustic-Wave Dispersion via Magnetically Modulated Contact Resonances ", Physical Review Applied, 11, 044057 (2019) (PDF)
Rys, J., Steenhusen, S., Schumacher, C., Cronauer, C., Daraio, C., "Locally addressable material properties in 3D micro-architectures ", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 28, 31-36 (2019) (LINK)
Roumeli, E., Diamantopoulou, M., Serra-Garcia, M., Johanns, P., Parcianello, G., Daraio, C. "Characterization of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests Grown on Stainless Steel Surfaces", Nanomaterials, 9, 444 (2019) (PDF)
Celli, P., Yousefzadeh, B., Daraio, C., Gonella, S. "Bandgap widening by disorder in rainbow metamaterials", Applied Physics Letters, 114, 9 (2019) (PDF)
Moleron, M., Chong, C., Martinez, A., Porter, M., Kevrekidis, P., Daraio, C. "Nonlinear Excitations in Magnetic Lattices with Long-Range Interactions", New Journal of Physics, In press, 2019

2018 Articles

Cha, J., Daraio, C. "Electrical tuning of elastic wave propagation in nanomechanical lattice at MHz frequencies", Nature Nanotechnology, 13, 1016-1020 (2018) (PDF)
Bilal, O.R., Ballagi, D., Daraio, C. "Architected lattices for simultaneous broadband attenuation of airborne sound and mechanical vibrations in all directions", Physical Review Applied 10.5 (2018): 054060 (PDF)
Celli, P., McMahan, C., Ramirez, B., Bauhofer, A., Naify, C., Hofmann, D., Audoly, B., Daraio, C. "Shape-morphing architected sheets with non-periodic cut patterns", Soft matter 14.48 (2018): 9744-9749 (PDF)
Cha, J., Kim, KW., Daraio, C., "Experimental realization of on-chip topological nanoelectromechanical metamaterials", Nature 564 (7735), 229, 2018 (PDF)
Wang, Y., Yousefzadeh, B., Chen, H., Nassar, H., Huang, G., Daraio, C. "Observation of non-reciprocal wave propagation in a dynamic phononic lattice ", Physical Review Letters, 121, 194301, 2018 (PDF)
Amendola, A., Krushynska, A., Daraio, C., Pugno, N. M., Fraternali, F. "Tuning frequency band gaps of tensegrity metamaterials with local and global prestress", ArXiv arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.03472, 2018 (PDF)
Kroedel, S., Palermo, A., Daraio, C. "Acoustic properties of porous microlattices from effective medium to scattering dominated regimes", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  144, 319, 2018 (PDF)
Serra-Garcia, M., Moleron, M.,Daraio, C. "Tunable, synchronized frequency down-conversion in magnetic lattices with defects", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A  376, 20170137, 2018 (PDF)
Krushynska, A., Amendola, A., Bosia, F., Daraio, C., Pugno, N. M., Fraternali, F. "Accordion-like metamaterials with tunable ultra-wide low-frequency band gaps", New Journal of Physics,  20,073051, 2018 (PDF)
Lai, C.Q., Daraio, C. "Highly porous microlattices as ultrathin and efficient impact absorbers", International Journal of Impact Engineering,  120, 138-149, 2018 (PDF)
Cantarella, G., Costanza, V., Ferrero, A., Hopf, R., Vogt, C., Varga, M., Petti, L., Muezenrieder, N., Buethe, L., Salvatore, G., Claville, A., Bonanomi, L., Daus, A., Knobelspies, S., Daraio, C., Troester, G. "Design of engineered elastomeric substrate for stretchable active devices and sensors", Advanced Functional Materials, 1705132, 2018 (PDF)
Palermo, A., Kroedel, S., Matlack, K. H., Zaccherini, R., Dertimanis, V. K., Chatzi, E. N., Marzani, A., Daraio, C. "Hybridization of guided surface acoustic modes in unconsolidated granular media by a resonant metasurfaces", Physical Review Applied, 9, 054026, 2018 (PDF)
Chen, T., Bilal, O. R., Shea, K., Daraio, C. "Harnessing bistability for directional propulsion of soft, untethered robots", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Early edition, 2018 (PDF)
Foehr, A., Bilal, O. R., Huber, S. D., Daraio, C. "Spiral-based phononic plates: from wave beaming to topological insulators", Physical Review Letters, 120, 205501, 2018 (PDF)
Matlack, K. H., Serra-Garcia, M., Palermo, A., Huber, S. D., Daraio, C. "Designing perturbative metamaterials from discrete models", Nature Materials, 17, 323-328, 2018 (PDF)

2017 Articles

Yousefzadeh, B., Daraio, C. "Complete delocalization in a defective periodic structure", Physical Review E 96, 042219, 2017 (PDF)
Bauhofer, A., Kroedel, S., Rys, J., Bilal, O.R., Constantinescu, A., Daraio, C."Harnessing photochemical shrinkage in direct laser writing for shape morphing of polymer sheets", Advanced Materials, 1703024, 2017 (PDF)
Buttinotti, I., Cha, J., Lin, W.-H., Job, S., Daraio, C., Isa, L."Direct observation of impact propagation and absorption in dense colloidal monolayers", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (46), 12150-12155, 2017 (PDF)
Chong, C., Porter, M.A., Kevrekidis, P.G., Daraio, C."Nonlinear coherent structures in granular crystals", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Topical Review, 29, 413003, 2017 (PDF)
Bilal, O. R., Foehr, A. Daraio, C."Observation of trampoline phenomena in 3D-printed metamaterial plates", Extreme Mechanics Letters, 15, 103-107, 2017 (PDF)
Bilal, O. R., Foehr, A. Daraio, C."Reprogrammable phononic metasurfaces", Advanced Materials, 29, 1700628, 2017 (PDF)
Bilal, O. R., Süsstrunk, R., Daraio, C., Huber, S. D. "Intrinsically polar elastic metamaterils", Advanced Materials, 29, 1700540, 2017 (PDF)
Bilal, O. R., Foehr, A., Daraio, C. "Bistable metamaterial for switching and cascading elastic vibrations", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (18), 4603-4606, 2017 (PDF)
Krödel, S., Li, L., Costantinescu, A., Daraio, C. "Stress relaxation in polymeric microlattice materials", Materials and Design 130, 433-441, 2017 (PDF)
Di Giacomo, R., Bonanomi, L., Costanza, V., Maresca, B., Daraio, C. "Biomimetic temperature-sensing layer for artificial skin", Science Robotics 2, 3, 2017 (PDF)
Di Giacomo, R., Krödel, S., Maresca, B., Benzoni, P., Rusconi, R., Stocker, R., Daraio, C. "Deployable micro-traps to sequester motile bacteria", Scientific Reports 7, 2017 (PDF)
Thevamaran, R., Saini, D., Karakaya, M., Zhu, J., Podila, R., Rao, A., Daraio, C. "Impact absorption properties of carbon fiber reinforced bucky sponges", Nanotechnology 28, 18, 2017 (PDF)

2016 Articles

Palermo, A., Krödel, S., Marzani, A., Daraio, C.  "Engineered metabarrier as shield from seismic surface waves", Scientific Reports 6, 2016 (PDF)
Krödel, S., Daraio, C. "Microlattice Metamaterials for Tailoring Ultrasonic Transmission with Elastoacoustic Hybridization", Physical Review Applied 6, 064005, 2016 (PDF)
Lin., W-H, Daraio, C. "Wave propagation in one-dimensional microscopic granular chains", Physical Review E 94, 052907, 2016 (PDF)
Matlack, K. H., Bauhofer, A., Krödel, S., Palermo,A., Daraio, C. "Composite 3D-printed metastructures for low-frequency and broadband vibration absorption", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, 8386-8390, 2016 (PDF)
Serra-Garcia, M., Lydon, L., Daraio, C. "Extreme stiffness tunability through the excitation of nonlinear defect modes", Physical Review E 93 (1), 010901, 2016 (PDF)
Serra-Garcia, M., Foehr, A., Moleron, M., Lydon, J., Chong, C., Daraio, C. "Mechanical autonomous stochastic heat engine", Physical Review Letters 117, 010602, 2016 (PDF)
Raney, J., Nadkarni, N., Daraio, C., Kochmann, D., Lewis, J., Bertoldi, K. "Stable propagation of mechanical signals in soft media using stored elastic energy", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences9722-9727, 2016 (PDF)
Nadkarni, N., Arrieta. A.F., Chong, C., Kochmann, D.M., Daraio, C. "Unidirectional transition waves in bistable lattices", Physical Review Letters, 116, 244501, 2016. (PDF)
Nadkarni, N., Daraio, C., Abeyaratne, R., Kochmann, D.M. "Universal energy transport law for dissipative and diffusive phase transitions", Physical Review B, 93 (10), 104109, 2016 (PDF)
Chong C; Kim E.;, Charalampidis E.G. et al., "Nonlinear vibrational state excitation and piezoelectric energy conversion in harmonically driven granular chains"Physical Review E, 93, 052203, 2016 (PDF)
Moleron M.; Serra-Garcia, M; Daraio, C. "Visco-thermal effects in acoustic metamaterials: from total transmission to total reflection and high absorption", New J. Phys. , 18, 099003, 2016 (PDF)
Thevamaran, R.; Raney, J.; Daraio, C. "Rate-sensitive Strain Localization and Impact Response of Carbon Nanotube Foams with Microscale Heterogeneous Bands", Carbon, 101, 184–190, 2016 (PDF)

2015 Articles

Porter, M.; Kevrekidis, P.; Daraio, C. "Granular crystals: Nonlinear dynamics meets materials engineering", Physics Today, 68, 44 (2015). (PDF)
Schumacher, C.; Bickel, B.; Marschner, S.; Rys, J., Gross, M.; Daraio, C. Microstructures to Control Elasticity in 3D Printing, Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles, USA, August 9-13, 2015), ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 136:1-136:13 (PDF)
Eunho, K.; Francesco, R.; Jinkyu, Y.; Daraio, C. "Solitary wave-based delamination detection in composite plates using a combined granular crystal sensor and actuator",Smart Materials and Structures, 24, 125004, 2015. (PDF)
Molerón, M.; Daraio, C. "Acoustic metamaterial for subwavelength edge detection",Nature Communications, 6, 8037, 2015. (PDF)
Lattanzi, L.; Thevamaran, R.; De Nardo, L.; Daraio, C. "Dynamic Behavior of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Foams With Patterned Microstructure", Advanced Engineering Materials, 17, 1470-1479, 2015. (PDF)
Burgoyne, H.A.; Newman J.A.; Jackson W.C.; Daraio, C. "Guided Impact Mitigation in 2D and 3D Granular Crystals", Procedia Engineering, 103, 52-59, 2015. (PDF)
Burgoyne, H.A.; Daraio, C. "Elastic–Plastic Wave Propagation in Uniform and Periodic Granular Chains", Journal of Applied Mechanics, 82(8), 081002, 2015. (PDF)
Mueller, J.; Shea, K.; Daraio, C. "Mechanical properties of parts fabricated with inkjet 3D printing through efficient experimental design", Materials and Design, 86, 902-912, 2015.
Kroedel, S.; Thome, N.; Daraio, C. "Wide band-gap seismic metastructures",Extreme Mechanics Letters, 4, 111-117, 2015. (PDF)
Bonanomi, L.; Theocharis, G; Daraio, C. "Wave propagation in granular chains with local resonances", Physical Review E, 91, 033208, 2015. (PDF)
Di Giacomo, R; Daraio, C.; Maresca, B. "Plant nanobionic materials with a giant temperature response mediated by pectin-Ca2+", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, 4541, 2015. (PDF) Highlighted in Physicstoday (June 2015).
Lydon, J.; Theocharis, G; Daraio, C. "Nonlinear resonances and energy transfer in finite granular chains", Physical Review E, 91, 023208, 2015. (PDF)
Thevamaran, R.; Meshot, E.R.; Fischer, A.; Podila, R.; Rao, A.M.; Daraio, C. "Anomalous impact and strain responses in helical carbon nanotube foams", RSC Advances, 5, 29306, 2015. (PDF)
Thevamaran, R.; Meshot, E.R.; Daraio, C. "Shock formation and rate effects in impacted carbon nanotube foams", Carbon, 84, 390, 2015. (PDF) (Data)

2014 Articles

Leonard, A.; Ponson, L; Daraio, C. "Exponential stress mitigation in structured granular composites", Extreme mechanics Letters, 1, 23-28, 2014. (PDF)
Karakay, M.; Saini, D.; Podila, R.; J.Skove, M.; M.Rao, A.; G. Thevamaran, R.; Daraio, C. "Self-Assembled Recyclable Hierarchical Bucky Aerogels", Advanced Engineering Materials, 17, 990-994, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Li, F.; Chong, C.; Yang, J.; G. Kevrekidis, P.; Daraio, C. "Wave transmission in time- and space-variant helicoidal phononic crystals", Physical Review E, 90, 053201, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Thevamaran, R.; Fraternali, F.; Daraio, C. "Multiscale Mass-Spring Model for High-Rate Compression of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Foams", Journal of Applied Mechanics, 81, 121006, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Li, F.; Anzel, P.; Yang, J.; G. Kevrekidis, P.; Daraio, C. "Granular acoustic switches and logic elements", Nature Communications, 5, 5311, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Leonard, A.; Ponson, L.; Daraio, C. "Wave mitigation in ordered networks of granular chains", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 73, 103-117, 2014. (PDF)
Lydon, J.; Serra-Garcia, M.; Daraio, C. "Local to extended transitions of resonant defect modes", Physical Review Letters , 113, 185503, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Moleron, M.; Serra-Garcia, M.; Daraio, C. "Acoustic Fresnel lens with extraordinary transmission", Appl. Phys. Lett., 105, 114109, 2014. (PDF)
Nadkarni, K.; Daraio, C.; Kochmann, D. "Dynamics of periodic mechanical structures containing bistable elastic elements: From elastic- to solitary-wave propagation",Physical Review E, 90, 023204, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Burgoyne, H.A.; Daraio, C. "Strain-rate-dependent model for the dynamic compression of elastoplastic spheres", Physical Review E, 89, 032203, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
Yamamoto, N.; Gdoutos, E.; Toda, R.; White, V.; Manohara, H.; Daraio, C. "Thin Films with Ultra-low Thermal Expansion", Advanced Materials, 26, 3076-3080, 2014. (PDF) Highlighted in Science, Vol. 343, No. 6176, 14 March 2014.
Thevamaran, R.; Daraio, C. "An experimental technique for the dynamic characterization of soft complex materials", Experimental Mechanics, (DOI) 10.1007/s11340-014-9896-9, 2014. (PDF) (Data)
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